PUI Javanologi UNS held a Student Internship Program in 2021. This year, the student internship program was attended by 8 people from the UNS Regional Literature Study Program. This program includes compilation of a book collection grant catalog, digitization & conservation of Old Javanese manuscripts, and the preparation of modules.

On Monday, July 26, 2021, PUI Javanologi UNS in collaboration with the Rekso Pustaka Pura Mangkunegaran Library held a Mapping Program (Catalogization) of Mangkunegara VII Archives and Customs and Traditions of the Reksolibrary collection by involving interns. The 8 internship students were handed over directly by Mr. Ardi Baskoro, S.S., M.Hum. (UNS PUI Javanology Program Division) and were accepted by Ms. Darweni M.Hum. and staff from the Rekso Pustaka Library. This program lasted for several days, including a description of numerous Javanese manuscripts from the Rekso Pustaka Library collection, including Bratayudha Kawi, Pakem Pedhalangan Lampahan Bima Suci, Krama Dalem Prangwadana (Mangkunagara V), Krama Dalem Prangwadana (Mangkunagara VII), Pranatan Pasamuan, Pangruwatan Manuscript and Digitizing Nayarana Maling dhateng ing nagari Kumbina Manuscript.

Fajar and his friends who are interns at PUI Javanologi said that “My friends and I welcome the program held by PUI Javanologi UNS. The mapping and digitizing program of manuscripts at the Rekso Pustaka Library is certainly a fun experience because it can learn as well as practice in the field on how to describe, digitize and maintain it so that it remains sustainable. We hope that this kind of activity can continue to be carried out in other places such as the Sasana Pustaka Library, Radya Pustaka, and so on,” he said.

This mapping and media transfer program is expected to assist the Rekso Pustaka Library in providing information to the wider community through digital media as well as providing knowledge and skills for students to work or further study.