MSME e-Catalogue
Javanologi Virtual Exhibition 2021

MSME Partners

We select MSME partners around solo city and surrounding areas to get assistance in promoting their products.

developing msme

There are also some MSME that developed alongside Javanologi to enrich their product quality based on our standards.

virtual exhibition

Through this Exhibition, we hope our MSME partners can expand their potential customers around the world.

Batik nDerbolo Kliwonan

Handicraft Batik Textile Crafts

Blangkon Solo KSA

Solo Blangkon Craftsman


Tawangmangu Chocolate Local Snacks

Copper Leluhur

Tumang Copper and Brass Crafts

Djamoe Bude

Jamu Traditional Herbal Drink

Dharma Budaya

Puppet Crafts Business Group

Gayatri Jewelry

Fashion Accessory Craft

Java Drink Wedang Uwuh

Traditional Herbal Drink

Lurik Rachmad

Striated Textile Crafts