PUI Javanologi UNS held digitization and maintenance of ancient manuscripts on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. The digitization and maintenance activities were assisted by interns in the Student Internship Lecture (KMM) program for the Regional Literature Study Program UNS. The ancient manuscripts that were treated and digitized were the Yusuf Lontar Manuscript collection of the UNS Museum and a grant from Hubb Gayman, a German citizen to PUI Javanologi UNS.

With the maintenance and digitization of the ancient manuscripts, it is hoped that the original manuscripts can last longer and can be accessed by the public in the future. In addition, this activity can provide insight into the treatment of manuscripts to students studying at PUI Javanologi UNS. So that when they find the ancient manuscripts, later they will have received sufficient provisions and can be applied in the wider community.

Lontar Ancient Manuscript
Cleaning the manuscript
Digitalization of the manuscript using a digital camera